• Alcomex Home Imports Action Figure Desktop Vibrator (Black)

Millardo Home Imports Action Figure Desktop Vibrator is mainly suitable for adults. This collection is designed for lovers who want to play and experience happy exchanges with each other. The action figures were based on a survey of popular characters that are cute, macho, and funny such as The Chef, Circus Joker, Santa Claus, London Guards, Wild West Sheriff, The Fireman & The Baseball Player. Simply remove each character's cap and their shiny heads reveal a smooth feel in your hands. Insert only a double A battery at the base of the product. Turn it on by twisting the feet and there it goes a long way This product series has a warranty period of one year and in the event of damages unrelated to the user, we offer a free one to one exchange. Our warranty covers only of the product mechanical malfunction due to assembly issue and not issues related to normal wear and tear, deliberate damage by users, wrong way of using the product are not covered by our warranties. Additionally, warranty would be voided if the product is being disassembled in any way. Important Notes: 1) Please use alcohol or warm soapy water to wipe the head thoroughly before using the product. 2) Please insert a suitable sized condom onto the vibrator to ensure a clean experience. In case any discomfort is experienced, stop using it immediately.

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Alcomex Home Imports Action Figure Desktop Vibrator (Black)

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